16 abr. 2013

Maduro takes the baton of the 2nd Homeland Plan

Ciudad CCS/Abelardo J. Pérez Carapaica RNV Web Press  
Lunes, 15 de Abril de 2013 11:05

His management will focus on five key points such as safety, efficiency, economy, electricity and People's Power, all framed under the guidelines of the Homeland Plan

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, will execute during his Government the 2dn Socialist Homeland Plan (2013-2019).

This is the same government program introduced to the country and the world by the Supreme Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, during his campaign for reelection in 2012.

In this regard, the National President -elect yesterday-  announced during an interview offered days ago to Promar TV that the 2nd Socialist Homeland Plan "is our guide, he did it himself (Hugo Chavez), I know it, because I was at his side. This will be my plan. "

Maduro added that his administration will focus on five key points such as safety, efficiency, economy, electricity and Power, all framed under the guidelines of the Homeland Plan.

For peace and life

The cessation of violence is one of the main objectives set by Maduro.

To this end, the President invited the armed groups, youth, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB),  the police corps, social, cultural, sports, peasants and workers movements to join the Movement for Peace and Life , framed in the Great Mission Full Throttle Life Venezuela, also devised by Commander Hugo Chavez.

"Young, and not so young people who are listening me: We want peace, harmony, life; enough already of violence, kidnappings and robberies that are the product of the values ​​of capitalism. To you I will give a golden opportunity to come to work, to study, to make culture. Come here to make a Homeland with us", he said in the same television station. Maduro also appointed his wife, Cilia Flores, as founder leader of this movement.

He added that poverty is not the only cause of this scourge. "These are the values ​​that have been put to the boys, to the youth. I lived that, because I grew up in the neighborhoods, I know how it was caused. I want to cure society from crime and poverty. "

Efficiency or nothing

Moreover, following the guidelines given by the Supreme Commander before dying last March 5, the newly elected Head of State announced during his campaign that the 2nd Socialist Plan will have among its development axes the Great Mission Efficiency or Nothing; also an idea of Hugo Chavez.

During the launch of this social program, amid an act of his election campaign made in Monagas state on April 8, Maduro assured that in his administration will attack corruption and bureaucracy at all costs and at all scales.

"This mission will be the center work of my government. I want you to know that by orders of Commander Chávez, when I was Vice President, I began to organize a special secret body to fight corruption. I have it almost ready! I'm going to tackle corruption with my own life if necessary, here there will not be any untouchables. "

To achieve the stated goals, Maduro aims for the organized people to activate through the community councils and social groups to support the work of the institutions of the Bolivarian Government. "I need you to be inspectors, social comptrollers," he said.

Additionally, he said that will definitely boost the so-called micro-missions, announced six months ago by Commander Chavez during the first interview after the fourth consecutive victory in a presidential election last October 7.

At that time, Chavez said he would create micro-missions to power a new dynamic that will allow to achieve a greater efficiency in the political, economic and social scope.

The target set back then was that micro-missions must reach regions, municipalities, the productive sectors (factories and industries at all levels) and public services in general.

As mandated by the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, these missions will be settled in the People's Power and in the organized people.

To this regard, Maduro explained that the first assignment the micro-missions will have, will be to install in the basic industries of Guayana, in Bolívar state.

He added that Commander Chavez always expressed his concern about the situation that hit these industries, which were privatized during the last years of the Fourth Republic.

Therefore, the revolutionary leader launched the Socialist Guayana Plan, which proposes the workers' control of the industry. In this regard he said that will be approved any investment necessary to continue with this plan, reignited by the micro-missions.

To ensure for the people's resources

In economic matters, the President announced that his government will strengthen the controls on the use that entrepreneurs give to the currencies, especially the sectors that simulate to make imports to get ahold of international currency to sell it on the black market.

"We ask the people to join us in the streets when we start the radical measures against the capitalists," he said.

He added that will pay attention for the resources to go "to the growth of food production, tp be made the investment for the growth of industries, to come the world's highest technology throughout the whole sector so the country would not linger from the rest of the world. "

Electricity: State Security

Maduro considers that within the Venezuelan right wing there are fascist factors that have been working for the electricity sector to be kept constantly with flaws.

In his view, it was not a coincidence that at each point that he visited during the election campaign were registered blackouts. "We will declare electricity as a state security service. The right wing believes that sabotage is a way of doing politics, and we will not allow that", he said.

The People's Power

The fifth feature that Maduro will develop during his mandate was one of the major flags hoisted by Hugo Chavez during his 14-year rule: The People's Power. In this regard, the Head of State considers that the development of the People's Power must be the basis of a new democracy. "The communal councils, communal cities, all the projects from the land committees, of electricity and water. It is necessary to flourish People's Power and social movements as a way of organization", said Maduro.