16 abr. 2013

Lucena: In Venezuela there is a rule of law that must be respected

Caracas, 15 Abr. AVN.- The chairwoman of the Electoral Power, Tibisay Lucena, said that in Venezuela there is a rule of law that must be respected.
Lucena said these words during the proclamation of the president-elect, Nicolas Maduro, who is, along with members of his cabinet, at the International Press Center of the CNE.
The electoral authority recalled that the right candidate, Henrique Capriles, who received 48.98% of the vote, does not recognize the results.
In this regard she said that "Venezuela is a country that has the more alive and vibrant democracy in America and it is up to the leaders to exercise leadership to live up to this people champion of democracy."
She noted that it is Capriles decision to not recognize the results, therefore she urged him to go to legal channels to file complaints.
"It is not harassment, threats, intimidation, the way to resort to the electoral power, it is the Constitution and the Law the only route that the true democrats respect," stressed the president of the electoral authority.
Lucena also questioned another request of the right who demands to return to hand count of 100% of the receipts of votes to recognize the election results.
"He intends to return to so vulnerable hand count, a practice that hurt by decades the will of voters in Venezuela", she questioned.
She also recalled that, as part of the audits the electoral system has to ensure confidence in voters, 54% of the vote has already been audited.
"The citizen verification, which is done with the paper backup of the vote, is performed with a statistical ratio that everywhere in the world is considered too much: 54% of the boxes was audited, but also 14 audits were carried out before and during the process, so if there is any element that could be challenged by either party, there are legal ways to do it," she reiterated.
 AVN 15/04/2013 19:10