18 abr. 2013

Capriles has not presented legal arguments before Supreme Court

Caracas, 17 Abr. AVN.- Defeated anti-Chavez presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has not presented any legal argument before the Supreme Tribunal of Justice about his nonconformity with the voting process, said the president of this organ, Luisa Estela Morales.
Morales said the information Wednesday during a press conference in Caracas, where she referred to the escalation of violence in the country.
In this connection, Morales called on citizens who disagree the proclamation of president Nicolas Maduro or the performance of the National Electoral Council to channel their complaints through legal proceedings.
"We invite all those citizens who feel nonconformity with election results to appeal to constitutional legal channels, established in Venezuela laws... Here we are judges of the Supreme Court waiting for any legal proceeding that may be presented by those who think that there should be reviewed the voting process that has just ended with the proclamation of the winning candidate, president Nicolas Maduro Moros," Morales said.
In this connection, president of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice questioned the option of violence taken by some opposing sectors after the call made by former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles to reject the majority who voted for Maduro.
"To the Venezuelan people, we urge not to be deceived with proposals for a road that leads to nothing. I repeat, we call on citizens who feel nonconformity with such results, here we are waiting for any legal proceeding that you may want to present," she stressed.
 AVN 17/04/2013 14:04