19 abr. 2013

Jaua: Will respond with courage and determination, within the framework of the Constitution

Accompanied the family of the young man killed in La Limoner
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Jueves, 18 de Abril de 2013 11:53

The Chancellor of the Republic, Elias Jaua, said "these regrettable losses makes us grow in the commitment to fight, for our people to have more life every day"

Photo: Archives.
Photo: Archives.
The violence unleashed by the disowning of results of the elections this April 14 by the former presidential candidate, Capriles Radonski, have left a toll of eight dead Venezuelans. Regarding these facts, the Chancellor of the Republic, Elias Jaua urged the MUD bearer to "stop the hatred" and to measure the magnitude of his words.

During his visit to the community of La Limonera, located in Baruta, Miranda state, the top diplomat of the Venezuelan State extended his condolences to the relatives and neighbors of the young man Jose Luis Ponce, a revolutionary killed on Monday April 15 by anti-chavista hordes.

"Above the pain now we have to be our own shield against that hatred of the irresponsibles who, if they do not win, they want to snatch the life of the people, the peace of the Venezuelan family; but we are not going to respond to that hate with more hatred, we will respond with courage, with firmness, within the framework of the Constitution and the law", he assured.

He stressed that before this call "to drain the rage", made by the opposition's contender, "was poured over hundreds of men and women who remained in line for hours, due to the traffic congestion and the riots that caused such call".

Jaua reminded Capriles that "one has to be responsible. One has to know the value of words and the weight that has each person's word."

He said that despite the outrage that cause these unfortunate events, "Makes us grow the commitment to fight, for our people to have more life every day, more homes, more health, more education."

Likewise he said that when he ran for governor of Miranda state he recognized the results, as he submitted to the rules of the democratic contest. "When knowing, because I am fully confident, that the results had not favored me, I came to recognize his victory -of Capriles- and his right to be governor because 45,000 people in Miranda state had voted more for him than for me."

He said that the Supreme Commander, Hugo Chavez, "taught us to fight for those rights with organization, with an organized struggle, in peace and democracy, as far as we can. Hopefully we can always do it in peace and democracy, despite the provocations, despite the hate poured on us and on the backs and the hearts of our people. "