11 abr. 2013

Hugo Chavez Command ready for APR-14

Ciudad CCS / RNV Web Press.   
Miércoles, 03 de Abril de 2013 

A national campaign command, 24 State, 335 municipal, 1.067 parish and 13.683 Commander Hugo Chavez Battle  Units will ensure 10 million votes
The Hugo Chavez Campaign Command is already deployed throughout the country and works hard in the election campaign that began today in order to ensure the victory of revolutionary candidate, Nicolas Maduro, next Sunday, April 14, when is made the Presidential election.
A national campaign command, 24 State, 335 municipal, 1.067 parish and 13.683 Commander Hugo Chavez Battle units make the revolutionary electoral machinery that will work from now until April 11, 10 exact days of duration of the election campaign seeking the 10 million votes for the socialist champion.
Leading the chavista machinery is Jorge Rodriguez, the same man who led the Carabobo Campaign Command on the election journey prior to the elections on October 7, when Hugo Chávez emerged victorious by getting 8.191.132 votes (55 , 07%), and the same one of December 16 when were held the regional elections on that the Revolution did win 20 out of 23 governorates.
Rodriguez, along with the 18 members of the national command, has the responsibility to plan, coordinate and develop campaign strategies that allow the triumph of Maduro.
Deployment and mobilization
Eduardo Piñate, head of the Hugo Chavez Campaign Command in the El Junquito parish in Caracas, explained that members of the parish and local commands must be deployed throughout the country to convince with arguments to the revolutionaries and the undecided, in order to vote by candidate Nicolas Maduro.
"The commands will lead the mobilization based on the 1 × 10 patrols with the Commander Hugo Chavez Battle Units (UBC) as well as the control and logistics supply, deployment of militancy (...). They must work in coordination with the national command, "he said.
He said that these commands should also activate the red spots where they will inform on the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution during these 13 years.
He said they must publish the Government Program of Maduro, which as he recalled, is the same Homeland plan that brought President Chavez on June 11 before the National Electoral Council (CNE)
According to Piñate, on Sunday April 14 will be active the revolutionary militancy. He remembered that on that day the UBC members will be responsible for overseeing and verifying that those contacted through the 1 × 10 lists may go to the voting center and exercise their right to vote.
The UBC are composed of a coordinator, a head of logistics, one of mobilization, a member of the Patriotic Pole and a witness and the 1 × 10 chief.
There are 10 million
Once more the Revolutionary electoral machinery will use the 1 × 10 lists as part of their campaign strategy. How does the 1 × 10 works? A Patrol of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) or a member of the Hugo Chavez Command will seek between 8-15 people to vote for the revolutionary candidate, Nicolás Maduro Moros.
The 1 × 10 patrol chiefs then must enter the ID card number and phone number of the people they get in some forms they have to fill in the red party's website. On Monday, March 25 the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, called to reactivate the 869.866 1 x 10 lists before the presidential elections, as outlined the party's organization on their website.
On that occasion, Cabello expressed the need to look in the first instance for the revolutionaries who did not went to vote in the presidential elections of October 7, 2012, and stressed that refrained to vote a 2% of the Patrol heads and a 7% of those registered in the 1 × 10 lists.
Great Pole activated
The Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) is already with an oiled machinery to get the votes for the Socialist candidate, Nicolas Maduro.
The four large historical blocks that make up the GPP, are revolutionary political parties, workers, social movements and the sector of independent artists and intellectuals, and are already deployed across the national territory looking for votes for the socialist champion. Thus was announced by Yul Jabour, head of GPP and the allied parties in the Hugo Chavez Campaign Command.
He said that among the campaign strategies that will be doing the GPP, are planned to make assemblies across the country where are reported the achievements of the Revolution and is discussed the Homeland plan.
Jabour said the GPP will also make 1 × 10 lists and participate in the activation of the red spots.
"From the Great Patriotic Pole we will promote the triumph of Nicolas Maduro," he said.