12 abr. 2013

Capriles, Briquet and Miguel Henrique Otero forge plan to disown APR-14 results

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Jueves, 11 de Abril de 2013 12:24

At a few hours of meeting 11 years of the coup of April 11, 2002, Diosdado Cabello alerts that is developing a new conspiracy against the Constitution and the Venezuelan people

Miguel Henrique Otero, president of the El Nacional newspaper, and representative of the 2D Movement and the Patriotic Junta, met yesterday with Armando Briquet, member of the Anti-Chavista Command, and the opposition's candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, to set the stage facing the disowning of the results of the presidential elections on 14 April.

The denounce was filed by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, during an interview on the "Toda Venezuela" (The Whole Venezuela) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, from where he challenged them to deny this accusation backed with photographic evidence of the encounter.

A few hours of meeting 11 years of the coup d'etat struck by sectors of the right wing against Commander Hugo Chavez on April 11, 2002, Cabello alerted that is developing a new conspiracy against the Constitution and the Venezuelan people.

"Knowing that they will lose, they are prepared to ignore the triumph of Maduro" he reiterated to warn the editor of the El Nacional newspaper not hide behind the right to free speech or freedom of the press to execute the right wing's plan through private media.

"We will act, and it will not be as in April 11 (2002), Lords of the opposition. This is a call for peace, a sane warning, we know what you will do, or what you intend to do. "

2D Movement lurking again

Unknown to many 11 years ago, now -surely- no one can forget the open participation of the 2D Movement in the preparation and execution of the blow against the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela, which they defend today, on April 12, 2002, which led to the self-swearing of Pedro Carmona Estanga as President of the Republic.

Some names that make up the rows of the 2D Movement are: Miguel Henrique Otero, Elías Pino Iturrieta, Jose Rafael Revenga, Elsa Cardozo, Perkins Rocha, Parsifal D 'Sola, Antonio Ecarri, Antonio Sanchez Garcia, Pedro Leon Zapata, Ana Julia Jatar, Rafael Arraiz Lucca, Rocío San Miguel, Giuseppe Giannetto, Francisco Uson, Froilan Barrios, Jorge Pabon, Pablo Medina, Heinz Sonntag, Gustavo Sosa Izaguirre, Cristina Carbonell, Germán Carrera Damas, Angela Zago, Carlos Graffe, Diego Scharifker, Lorent Saleh, and Rodrigo Diamante.

ESDATA behind the disowning of results

Cabello, during the interview, presented an email sent by Briquet  to Guillermo Salas, a representative of ESDATA, a company driven by the very opposition after the loss of credibility of SUMATE, in which he requested a briefing by this organization in Washington to support the strategy of disowning the results on APR-14.

In the mail, the member of the anti-chavista Command wrote: "We need everything exposed in Washington to be reviewed by the Command, it is necessary all that was exposed, internationally, if the decided path is the disowning of the results."

Similarly, Guillermo Aveledo, secretary of the Democratic Unity Board (MUD), asked the ESDATA representative for all documents to support to the public opinion the disowning of the results.

Cabello challenged these two individuals from the right wing to deny the information contained in these emails, which will be shown under the Vice President of the PSUV's  Twitter account.