26 abr. 2013

Maduro calls to expand Venezuela's productive forces

Caracas, 26 Abr. AVN.- Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro emphasized that the country's economy shall be addressed towards expansion of productive forces. "We need a productive economic revolution and we have conditions for it."
In a meeting with businesspeople at western state of Zulia, Maduro affirmed that this sector counts on constitutional, legal, financial, political conditions and freedom to strengthen Venezuela's economy.
"We have a State that knows its roadmap. Here it is. I invite you to read it, the Plan of the Homeland, (Hugo) Chavez's political will. Here are all the roads and all searches of two, three or more centuries. Here are the roads made plan and projects," said the Venezuelan President.
The Plan of the Homeland proposes to develop productive forces from a technical, technological perspective, production's capability of efficiency and efficacy, diversification of agricultural production, goods and services."
"In the history of the last 200 years, there is not one country which did not base its first step on being self-sustainable in matters of manufacturing its food, goods and services," Maduro said.
Venezuela has managed to increase production in some foodstuffs, but at the same time citizens' consumption capacity has increased.
As a matter of fact, Maduro stressed that Venezuela has achieved economic stability due to the socialist model.
"We have a sound and strong domestic market with purchasing capacity because we have people with labor security, good revenues and sound social wages."
Nevertheless, the President stressed that "now we need a productive apparatus which answers to that."
 AVN 26/04/2013 09:21