12 abr. 2013

2002 coup victims: They attacked people 11 years ago, now pursue power

Caracas, 11 Abr. AVN.- The same rightists who attacked the Venezuelan people 11 years ago now pursue power, said Antonio Molina, lawyer of the victims of the coup d'état staged in April 11, 2002.
"Those are the same personages. On April 11 (Henrique) Capriles Radonski had a direct participation in the development and the way events unleashed. He played a crucial role in all what happened and he leads today the possibility of ending with the revolutionary process by another mean," Molina affirmed in local television.
Molina compared the violent events which preceded the breaking with the constitutional order that year with the political-electoral offer that today upholds the proposal of the coalition of opposition political parties MUD and the presidential candidacy of Henrique Capriles Radonski.
In turn, Mauro Gonzalez, member of the patriotic council of the elderly, affirmed that repression, censure, persecution and violence against people revealed the real way that the local right wing performs, those who have always called themselves "democrats."
"They say they were democrats but they never were. We were deceived for 40 years and those are the same who now pretend to assume the presidency and we, the people, must be aware of it," Gonzalez said.
Falor Palomino, who identifies himself as combatant on 11 April 2002, recalled that thanks there was not a civil war in Venezuela because of Hugo Chavez's compliance with the Constitution.
"Always keeping with the Constitution, he (Chavez) endured everything and his order was always to prevent the spread of violence and a bloodbath. Thanks to that heroic performance of Chavez, today we have and live in peace," Palomino said.
Also, he recalled that given those events of violence and despite the the kidnapping of the Venezuelan president himself, thanks to Chavez peace and sovereignty defeated.
 AVN 11/04/2013