10 jun. 2009

Venezuelan Government continues frontal fight against impunity and inequity

Caracas, Jun 10 ABN.- “Today, more than ever, all the State-run institutions are aware of their duty and responsibilities. We are prepared to attack frontally the impunity, inequity and the privileges,” said on Wednesday the vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Ramon Carrizalez Rengifo.

The vice president affirmed that the common criminals who are part of the opposition, accused by the Public Ministry by means of corruption, are covered by the cloak of impunity.

During the Meeting of Ibero-American Attorneys, which takes place in Caracas, Carrizalez expressed that “In recent days, impunity is covered under the cloak of political persecution, under the cloak of attacks to freedom of expression.”

“When there are suits against corrupt mayors, governors, and generals, it is immediately addressed as political persecution. Some of them go to a country from the North, others go to a country in the South,” he affirmed.

Moreover, he highlighted the relevance of solidarity and the agreement among the countries to fight impunity, a problem that affects everybody equally.

Therefore, Carrizalez expressed that “many of these people are under the protection of the States in the North or the South. They are common criminals who put their hands in the money of the State, but as they belong to the opposition, they are immediately covered by the cloak of impunity, as political persecuted people.”

He made reference to the case of the chairperson of the private television channel Globovision, Guillermo Zuloaga. “When a process is brought against usurious entrepreneurs and predators, they talk of attacks against freedom of expression because these entrepreneurs are owners of a media outlet.”