10 jun. 2009

Chavez Hit Would Spark Outbreak

Caracas, Jun 10 (Prensa Latina) If a murder attempt against Venezuelan President Hugo were executed, there would be a social outbreak, Iris Varela, vice president of the parliamentary Interior Policy Commission, warned Wednesday.

The deputy made the statement when referring to the public denunciation deputy Mario Isea made yesterday at the National Assembly, when he affirmed that ultra right Venezuelan sectors are calling to overthrow the current administration in July and August.

In statements for Desperto Venezuela TV program, Varela sustained the recording disclosed in Parliament clearly alludes to non-democratic methods to get rid of the president.

The evidence shown by Isea contains a telephone conversation between retired Admiral Rafael Huizi Clavier, president of the Military Institutional Front, and a second person named Edgar.

It is not in their interest that a social outbreak take place here, she warned, and there will certainly be one if anything happens to the president.