28 jun. 2009

Respect the sovereignty of Honduras

The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez, considered this Thursday that in Honduras is underway a coup d'etat, when discussing the political tension that opposition sectors have fought on the government of Manuel Zelaya.

"We will not be left idle. Tomorrow will be called a special meeting of ambassadors of the OAS, but we are willing to do what we have to do to make respect the sovereignty of Honduras and the will of the people of Honduras," he added in an emphatic manner.

He recalled that in the past few hours some media have transmitted the events unleashed after a court ordered the reinstatement of the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Honduras, who had been dismissed for disobeying presidential orders.

"In Honduras is underway a coup d' etat. It is the bourgeoisie, an alliance of all that reactionary bourgeois forces who are trying to slow down only to convene a popular consultation. They are afraid of people," said President Chavez.

This Thursday the Honduran ruler, accompanied by social movements and the organized people, marched to a military airbase in Tegucigalpa to recover the electoral materials to be used in the process next Sunday.

"They took the air base with the President at the helm, this is a revolution. The soldiers running along with the people, thankfully, and hopefully would keep like this the soldiers in Honduras. I make them a call: To follow their President and continue following the people of Honduras, "said the head of the Venezuelan State.

He said that what is trying to do the Honduran bourgeoisie is to overthrow Zelaya, to whom he offered his full support from Venezuela, as well as to the social movements and people of Honduras.

"They want now to overthrow the president. That's the next step that they are cooking right now," denounced the Venezuelan president by ensuring that in the end will be imposed the will of the people.

"Any resemblance to what happened here, is no coincidence," said President Hugo Chávez to compare the events in Honduras with the court decision that spared the responsibility of the actors of the coup d'état performed in Venezuela in April 2002.

He said that these destabilizing plans today remain in the country.

"In here is still thinking in the coup, I would recommend them that it should better not happen. Or they are still thinking of trying to kill me. Oh, God! Go figure if they try and fail! Oh, man," he said.

He commented that the Bolivarian Government will do everything that needs to be done to prevent the magnicidal plans to be successful, and said that if they try and achieve it, so will be worse for them.

"I do not know where they are going to go to, but I do know what you (the revolutionaries) are going to do if this were to occur."

Radio Nacional de Venezuela