28 jun. 2009

UN Concerned about Honduras Unrest

United Nations, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, voiced his concern over political unrest in Honduras, and urged conflicting parties to restrain over an upcoming constitutional referendum.

According to the UN chief, Honduran leaders must act in total respect for legality and democratic institutions and achieve consensus through a peaceful dialogue.

The message adds that, due to the inexactness of reports from that Central American nation the UN does not foresee being observers in the popular consultations planned for this weekend.

UN General Assembly president, Miguel D Escoto strongly condemned the attempted coup against Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya.

The condemnation of Nicaraguañs former foreign minister took place after Honduras ambassador to the UN, Jorge Arturo Reina, informed him of the serious threat to state rights in his nation.

D Escoto and Ban called on all parts involved to solve differences through a peaceful dialogue and respect constitutional order.

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya wants to hold a referendum on Sunday to ask Hondurans if they approve of holding a vote on constitutional change in tandem with general elections in November -- a move that has been ruled illegal by the country's top court.

The Honduran Supreme Court meanwhile unanimously voted Thursday to reinstate the country's military chief, a day after Zelaya sacked General Romeo Vasquez.