10 jun. 2009

the Peruvian indigenous peoples accusing the president of Peru Alan García.

The chairperson of the Commission on Indigenous Peoples of the National Assembly, Nohelí Pocaterra, dismissed the actions against the Peruvian indigenous peoples, accusing the president of Peru, Alan García, of the deaths by the hands of police officers.

The deputy attributed these interests related to the delivery of land to private companies. "This neo-liberal policy of Alan García has widened its actions against the Indigenous because it supports the Free Trade Agreement (AFTAA) and laws that violate the environmental protection."

She expressed her solidarity with the indigenous people of Peru, while she announced there will be made a series of demonstrations at a continental level.

She also said that next Thursday, June 11 at 10 am will be conducted a rally in Altamira square in Caracas, which will then mobilize to culminate at the Embassy of Peru.

For his part, Deputy Jose Poyo, president of the Indigenous Parliament of America (PIA) announced a state of continental emergency. "Indigenous peoples are at this moment in emergency, to take actions such as demonstrations of Peru embassies and consulates in all countries. In addition we request the solidarity of the peoples, particularly of Venezuela, to the indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon."

The indigenous representatives of the parliament did not hesitate to ensure that the slaughter committed by the García government, is the product of unconditional support for the AFTAA.