22 sept. 2009

Soldiers Should Stop Repressing People, Zelaya

Tegucigalpa, Sep 22 (Prensa Latina) Honduras Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya demanded Tuesday armed forces to stop repressing people and withdraw to their barracks to achieve restitution of democracy in the country.

Soldiers should not point their guns against people," the statesman told Radio Globo station Monday from the Brazil embassy in this capital.

"I call captains, majors, colonels, to not violate people's rights, we have time to find a peaceful solution to the crisis," the president stressed.

Zelaya was overthrown by armed forces on June 28 and taken him away forcibly to Costa Rica, but returned by surprise to Tegucigalpa on Monday, to directly re-establish democracy in Honduras.

Zelaya's presence in this country sparked off a national vast mobilization to support him, and about 20,000 people are standing around the embassy since Monday night, located in the capital's colony of Palmira.

The de facto government decreed a curfew starting at 16:00 hours until 07:00 hours today, but exception measures were extended until 18:00 hours.

Zelaya called upon soldiers and officers to reflect, and exhorted them to not obey orders by de facto president Roberto Micheletti, to whom he termed usurper of power.