15 sept. 2009

The new Organic Law of Education (LOE)

For President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez Frias, the new Organic Law of Education (LOE) contains the Bolivarian education model, "therefore, the Venezuelan bourgeoisie fears it, because they want the education model for domination."


Accompanied by basic education students to welcome the new school year 2009-2010, the Head of State started his Sunday program "Alo Presidente" number 339, which takes place in the Ayacucho Hall of Miraflores Palace, where he expressed that the LOE contains ideas of Simón Bolívar, so that "we will struggle all together for this law, because the elite are afraid of the people, of democracy", as reviewed the Bolivarian News Agency.

"That's the imperial thinking that has guided the U.S. elite since they were born," he said, and that's the thinking that has influenced a group of Venezuelans "who were born here and are Venezuelans but they are not in essence, they feel not hurt for this homeland and disrespect it. For them, the Venezuelan is inferior, "said Chavez.

He said that the thought of "those who think they are superior" is stated clearly in the email published in recent days and was attributed to Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino.

This text contained the following statement: "The children of wealthy families, who are called to go to college and, later, take control of businesses, freely exercise the professions and occupy the highest positions of public administration, should be trained for these purposes and to take social responsibility in the most responsible and Christian way. Children who, by their socioeconomic background, have disadvantages, should be educated in the respect for authority, in the diligence, modesty and, above especially in the Christian message of love. "

According to the alleged e-mail, "The Catholic Church must oppose any attempt to standardize basic education, because this will only lead us into chaos and war between brothers. Children from the poorest strata will want access to the same positions as their more fortunate peers, creating discontent and feeding envy. The upper strata will lost motivation to study and succeed. With a "one size fits all" education, what we will create a nation of conformists and envious".

"I'm not sure that this e-mail comes from the Cardinal, but whoever it may come from, that's the thinking of those who feel superior," said Chavez, stressing the importance of the LOE, which will help create "the new consciousness that education should be for the liberation of man and not to end forming slaves adoring the executioners, as it still happens in Venezuela and much of the world. "

He said that is why "the bourgeois elite so furiously opposes to the LOE and everything that goes in favor of true democracy and liberation of a people, because they're afraid, terrified of democracy."