19 jul. 2009

President Chávez: The Independence War has not ended

La Paz .- By convening of the Bolivian people to join in love to the political project led by President Evo Morales, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, after participating in events commemorating the bicentenary of the libertarian cry of 1809, affirmed the Bolivian president arrived "to take over the mandate of the Fathers."

Morales, manifested President Chavez "has a project of transformation, the new political constitution, join with love, draw and build upon the great Bolivia of the 21st Century."

By expressing that the process of independence that began 200 years ago in Bolivia has not ended and continues in force more than ever, he called to strengthen the consciousness and will of the people in this regard.

In tandem with this thought h asked the biggest support as requested for Morales and to "stop listening to the voices of the oligarchy that seeks to demonize and confuse the people and the leader who was needed."

Venezuelan President, in conversation with representatives of the media in Bolivia, assured Morales is more clever than ever and is a consolidated leader, so he believes that "This anniversary is appropriate for us to make reality, now indeed and finally, the independence. "

"In Latin America there is no turning back"

During his exchange with reporters, the head of state took the opportunity to reaffirm that Manuel Zelaya, Constitutional President of Honduras, will return to his nation and "Gorilletti "(Roberto Micheletti)" has no other way that the dump of history, will go to the dump and all the gorillas that have tried to bring us back to past centuries. "

He continued by noting that the sectors that have joined this coup action in Honduras, including the U.S. empire, "they forgot that Latin America has already begun to change and there is no turning back, it has ended the era of the gorillas, it's the time of the peoples. "

Chávez was emphatic in saying that this dictatorship disguised as democracy, supported by the bourgeoisie in the region, which revived the curfews, killings and censorship to freedom of expression shall not be imposed either in Bolivia or in Venezuela.

He did not hesitated to confirm that the coup d'etat executed in Honduras had participation of the U.S. State Department. "The military in Honduras had not given even a step without the approval of the military base of the United States that is in this nation, and without the approval of the Department of State."

However, against this statement, Chavez manifested that president Barack Obama was not informed of this action, so he recalled the words to him by the U.S. president during a conversation at the last summit in Trinidad and Tobago: "Chavez, we may argue, we may have differences, but have the security that I will never get into the internal affairs of Venezuela. "

Based on this, he felt that there is a big difference between President Obama, whom he described as a gentleman, and the U.S. empire and all the power entities that are behind the president.