22 jul. 2009

Colombia, Venezuela Review Relations

Caracas, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian-Venezuelan relations are in a delicate moment Tuesday with the creation of more US military bases in Colombian territory, which took President Hugo Chavez to review diplomatic links.

Chavez stated Monday that the US military presence near the country's border ´oblige us to review relations," with Colombia and gave Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro instructions about this issue.

The Venezuelan statesman said in a phone call to Venezolana de Television state-owned channel at midnight that the Colombian facilities with US soldiers are a euphemism to hide a permanent representation.

According to the Venezuelan president, the Colombian government's decision "is opening doors for those who permanently attack us."

Chavez, who has denounced the beginning of an offensive from US power sectors against progressive regional governments, stressed the presence of US troops in Colombia "is a threat for Venezuela."