9 jul. 2009

Honduran Anti-Coup Movement Grows

Tegucigalpa, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) The popular anti-coup movement grows every day, stated Ismael Salinas, one of the leaders of the bloc fighting peacefully in Honduras for the restitution of the constitutional order.

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"Hondurans are joining the struggle, which won't stop until Manuel Zelaya returns to the presidency," he told Prensa Latina during one of the rallies that for eleventh consecutive day take place in the country.

Salinas is a general secretary of the Unitary Federation of Honduran Workers (FUTH), one of the three trade unions that form the National Front against the coup d'Etat.

That bloc is also comprised of rural, students, youth, human rights, environment, women and social organizations, as well as the Democratic Unification Party.

The Front, initially denominated Popular Resistance, was created a few hours after Zelaya was kidnapped by soldiers and taken to Costa Rica on June 28.

The Front convened a national civic strike the same day, and it was totally declared it on June 29, some minutes before hundreds of soldiers violently evicted demonstrators from the area of the presidential headquarter.

The de facto government rallied its supporters on Tuesday, mainly conservative sectors, upper-middle classes, evangelic groups, and the Catholic hierarchy.