29 jul. 2009

Genocide in Honduras, Says HHRR Defender

Tegucigalpa, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) Honduran Armed Forces and Police are practicing collective genocide, said a human rights defender in the country, a month into the coup.

Honduras Coup Resistance Marks One Month
President of Honduras' Human Rights Committee, Andres Pavon, told journalists that faced with this reality, they lodged an appeal on the grounds of unconstitutionality against the curfew before the Supreme Court of Justice.

We have come to file an appeal before the Court so than the State of Honduras cannot say later they were not aware of the genocide of a collective nature the Armed Forces and Police are carrying out, said the lawyer. By imposing the curfew, the de facto regime is violating over 22 articles of the Constitution, including the right to food and free movement, he added.

"The appeal filed before the Supreme Court Constitutional Courtroom seeks to warn of the holocaust that is taking place in El Paraiso border town," he explained.

Hundreds of people remain in this locality, 6 miles from the Nicaraguan border, trying to join President Zelaya, risking their lives due to military repression, lack of drinking water and food.