20 may. 2008

Venezuelans Debate Government Plans

Caracas, May 19 (Prensa Latina) After their presentation to the electorate, socialist pre-candidates to the forthcoming Venezuela regional elections begin debates in different communities of the country.

Candidates must commit themselves to carrying out government actions in keeping with the demands of the population in a campaign characterized by equal conditions in which their members compete.

The Venezuela United Socialist Party forbade use of mass media and promised to punish those who try to discredit their opponent during the debate as electoral strategy.

The Party's national leader Vanesa Davis considered a true battle of ideas the internal conflict that will take place in the next 12 days for the June 1 elections.

Davis explained that candidates must obtain merits and prove their commitment to the social transformation process boosted by President Hugo Chavez through his participation in voluntary projects, lectures, and forums.