22 may. 2008

Chavez Assures End of US Empire Is Close

Caracas, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez assured the end of the US imperialist empire, which has filled the world with terrorism, misery and death, is coming, in an activity at the Latin American Medical School in the state of Miranda Wednesday.

Chavez discredited recent accusations from US President George W. Bush against Cuba, and said the waking-up of the Latin American peoples still worries the US government.

"The US imperialist empire is still going down; Bush has filled the world with terrorism and misery. And mankind is thankful because the end of the mandate of such a knight of death and terror is coming," Chavez stated.

He pointed out the attacks against Venezuela are increasing, and Washington uses its lackeys and some countries for such maneuvers.

"We are still fulfilling our commitments for solidary integration, while they are trying to watch Venezuela, and try to stop our revolutionary process," he said.

The contingent of young students welcomed by the Venezuelan President includes young people from Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, El Salvador, Gambia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Paraguay, among other nations.