24 nov. 2008

Venezuela Ratifies Election System Security

Caracas, Nov 24 (PL) The automated system used during the regional and municipal elections in Venezuela is completely safe and reliable, according to National Election Council Rector Vicente Diaz.

The denunciations by some citizens that their choice had changed after they voted were false, the official told reporters at the Council"s headquarters.

He pointed out that the software used in all polling stations throughout the country was audited accurately and efficiently by computer engineers and representatives of political parties.

Diaz repeated that those voters, who are not satisfied with the result of their vote, can report it to the members of the election boards to take the measures established for those cases.

Nearly 17 million Venezuelans voted on Sunday to elect 22 governors, 328 mayors, 233 legislative council members, 13 council people for the Metropolitan Town Hall of Caracas and seven members of the Metropolitan Town Hall of Alto Apure.