19 dic. 2009

Netherlands and the United States arrange for military aggression against Venezuela

Caracas, Dec 17 ABN.- The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez denounced in Copenhagen, Denmark, that the Kingdom of the Netherlands, also known as Holland, together with the United States, is arranging for a military aggression against Venezuela.

“The Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the Yankee empire of the United States, is preparing to carry out a military aggression against Venezuela. I am pointing fingers at the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is to say, I am accusing the Kingdom of the Netherlands of organizing, together with the Yankee empire, an aggression against Venezuela,” President Chavez said.

The statement was said during his participation at an encounter of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) with Dane social movements, on the occasion of the 15 UN Conference on Climate Change, in Copenhagen.

Chavez called the European Union to pronounce upon this situation. “As the Kingdom of the Netherlands is member of the European Union, I would like to know what the European Union will say about it.”

President Chavez warned as well that the United States is arming to the teeth the Caribbean islands Aruba and Curacao, which are in hands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It aims at leading a military offensive against Venezuela and so try to overthrow the Bolivarian Government. The goal would be to halt the socialist revolution expanding through the entire Latin America.