4 may. 2013

Right tries to carry out a coup to the Constitution

Caracas, 03 May. AVN.- The contested results of the last April 14 presidential election, requested by the loser of the process, Henrique Capriles, before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), shows the true intent of the right wanting "to discredit the Venezuelan government branches" said Friday the Chief of the Hugo Chavez election campaign group, Jorge Rodriguez.
During a press conference, he spoke of the request Capriles made on the results of the presidential election on April 14, in which Nicolas Maduro won with about 51% of the vote.
"That mess in the form of contestation reveals what's really happening: a continued fraud to the Constitution, laws, institutions of the Republic and Venezuelan democracy," Rodriguez complained.
He recalled that the lawyer Gerardo Fernandez, who filed before the Supreme Court the challenge petition of the April 14 electoral process, was one of the drafters of the dictator Carmona decree, which abolished the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Given this new Venezuelan right action "we demand respect for democracy, the institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and denounce before the country and the world the attempted coup against the Constitution, against the laws of the Republic and the Venezuelan electoral system."
He explained that the Venezuelan opposition is repeating right now the agenda used in previous elections, including the 2004 referendum, in which they declared fraud and asked to repeat the process.
"Mr. Capriles says 'if justice is done, there should be new elections' and Enrique Mendoza (then spokesman of the right) demanded to repeat August 2004 consultation (referendum in which Hugo Chavez was confirmed as President)" Rodriguez recalled.
 AVN 03/05/2013 17:19