9 may. 2013

Maduro proposes to create a Central Workers Union of CELAC

Caracas, 08 May. AVN.- The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro proposed Tuesday the creation of a Central Workers Union for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), in order to re-articulate the labor movement in Latin America.
"When are we going to have a powerful bloc of Latin America and the Caribbean? We already have CELAC. We should have the block of union workers and workers of CELAC and place a headquarters. If we can carry out these proposals, we offer Caracas as a headquarters of the CELAC, where converge Central America, Caribbean and South America," said Maduro during a meeting held at the headquarters of the Inter-Union Workers Assembly of Uruguay.
He highlighted the achievements of the working class in Uruguay and Venezuela, which "have shown the ability to harmonize the experiences in both union and Labor movements and the joint development opportunities."
On the other hand, he indicated that as part of the Venezuelan economic experience is the state-run electricity company new structuring, which has the service area and the industrial area.
"In this way we are building a new economy pointing to vital areas of our countries. It is about an egalitarian, socialist economy," he added.
Transnational capital Independence
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged Latin American working class to be independent of transnational capital and defend governments aiming to national independence.
During the meeting with Uruguayan workers, the labor leader said that the commander Hugo Chavez "always maintained that Venezuela needed a working class critical but loyal to the project of the country, independent of the empire, of the great capital, but with government, progressive, leading the country responsibilities."
He called on workers to "defend governments and leaders moving towards the true and full independence of our countries, independent working class of the empire."
Thus, he insisted on promoting open discussion of "new concepts for a new reality, for the new horizon that is opening right now, in order to unite very solidly social and political stability of transforming projects."
"The working class together with a project and critical capacity to make different proposals," said Maduro.
 AVN 08/05/2013 12:58