14 may. 2013

FAO praises Venezuela's commitment on food and nutrition security

Caracas, 13 May. AVN.- The representative of Venezuela to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Marcelo Resende, praised "the behavior, attitude and commitment of the government of Venezuela on food security and nutrition, not only in its speech but as an integral component of its policy of international cooperation."
In a press release issued Monday by the organization, Resende highlighted the words of President Nicolas Maduro, who during his inauguration he said: "Ambassador of FAO, in my Government we will continue the legacy of Chavez: 'Zero Hunger' and we will do what needs to be done."
During the recent tour to Mercosur partner countries, conducted by the Venezuelan president, new agreements on food and nutritional security were signed, "which shows the commitment of the Venezuelan government for the topic and strengthens cooperation in this matter," Resende stressed.
Similarly, he stresses "the strengthening of technical capacities for the development of agriculture in the country as well as the solidarity of food trade between the neighboring countries."
For FAO representation in Venezuela, it is cause for celebration that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff supports her counterpart in the project of making "agri-food revolution" in the Bolivarian nation.
"The understandings held with the Government aim to place the issue of food sovereignty and the issue of supply in their cooperation treaties by addressing two dimensions: first, boosting domestic production of agriculture by promoting the exchange of technical experiences with neighboring countries and, on the other hand, boosting solidarity and fair trade of foods from family and peasant agriculture," said the representative.
 AVN 13/05/2013 15:26