6 may. 2013

Petrocaribe economic zone passed

Caracas, 05 May. AVN.- An agreement to start the creation of an economic zone which allows investment, trade and common development among Petrocaribe member states has been passed during the presidential summit of the alliance with a view to solidify energy, economic and finance stability in the region.
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, with the consensus of all 19 delegations, approved the beginning of works to create the zone, which extends frontiers of an alliance that used to limit to oil matters.
Maduro said the creation of this commercial exchange space goes beyond energy matters, it aims at "investing, trading to carry out joint productive, tourism projects."
In turn, Oil and Mining minister Rafael Ramirez explained that the economic zone will allow to continue strengthening the alliance in the region and go beyond oil matters for an economic and commercial development.
The proposal had progressed under the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez and now it has been passed under president Nicolas Maduro, said Ramirez.
Petrocaribe member states have also passed the joining of Honduras and Guatemala as full members of the alliance.
Also, it was passed a proposal to start a plan aimed at improving air connections among Petrocaribe member states.
"We are prepared to make an alliance as with public as private ventures to establish connections in Petrocaribe zone," explained president Maduro.
As a matter of fact, he recalled that a Surinamese citizen must travel to the United States to arrive in Caracas. "It is unforgivable in the 21 century," he added.
Furthermore, it was passed an agreement for a special plan to supply fertilizers, which he emphasized as a significant issue of Petrocaribe Economic Zone.
 AVN 05/05/2013 17:50