17 may. 2013

Chavismo is new independence for the homeland

Caracas, 16 May. AVN.- As the new independence of the country and new 21 century socialism described Thursday Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro the revolution started by supreme commander Hugo Chavez and his legacy.
"It means the new independence of the Venezuelan homeland and the Latin American great homeland," said Maduro starting his government of the street in Barinas state, adding that Chavismo is the new socialism assumed by people to build a homeland.
"Chavez and Chavismo are more alive than ever and they will be alive for the years to come, with his work strengthening today as collective effort," said Maduro.
As a matter of fact, he said that through civic-military unity, the Bolivarian Government is shaping a new system of people and efficient administration, since it inherited Chavez's patriot and pro-independence legacy.
As Barinas is Chavez's hometown, Maduro took the opportunity to greet the entire family Chavez Frias, people and Armed Force who saw growing "the giant of the 21 century, Commander of all times, our father, guide, breeder of the new homeland, Hugo Chavez."
The Government of the Street is being deployed Thursday at states Barinas and Tachira, informed last Wednesday night President Nicolas Maduro.
"We will take the proposals raised by commander Hugo Chavez in the different hubs of development to those states. One of them is economics, industrial development and trade. We will meet with socialist and private ventures to achieve it," Maduro said.
 AVN 16/05/2013 14:31