5 mar. 2010

AN rejected accusations of Spanish National Court

Rnv Web Press / ANTV.5 Marzo 2010
This Thursday, the National Assembly (NA) adopted by a qualified majority, an "Agreement to reject the accusation of Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela" on the alleged cooperation between the Bolivarian Government and the Spanish separatist group ETA, as well as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The Legislative Power also condemned the reply given by the government of President of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to the criticism by judicial authorities of that country to the Venezuelan government.

"Judges like this really leave very badly what can be the acting of the Spanish National Court, I think even the Spanish National Court at some point have to review the conduct of this gentleman who made this terribly irresponsible accusation" sentenced the chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Policy, Roy Daza, proponent of the agreement.

Likewise, he denounced that Velasco "Is acting under the orders of the Franco-ist Spanish extreme right wing" and lamented the coverage given by the international media in favor of this judge.

"When we see the performance of this judge, we realize that we are facing a hoax, we realize that we are facing a judge who will surely make feel sorry to any other attorney or any other judge of Spain," said Daza.

He denied that the government of President Chavez would have any relationship with terrorist groups, while recalling that the presence of citizens of Basque origin on our national territory, responds to an agreement between the former Spanish leader Felipe González and the former Venezuelan president Carlos Andrés Pérez, dating almost 21 years.

The plenary meeting rejected the proposal made by a faction of the "Podemos" party to offer an explanation to the Spanish Government on the issue. "When someone says we have to give explanations and deport a Venezuelan, that is an act of treason to the Homeland", said the Deputy and lawyer Carlos Escarrá during his speech

Likewise, the deputies warned from the bosom of the National Assembly on the linking of these international actions and the Venezuelan opposition against the Bolivarian government, facing the legislative elections of next September 26.