5 mar. 2010

Rnv Web Press / Presidential Press. 5 Marzo 2010
As an aggression against Venezuela qualified the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, the recent statements by the U.S.'s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on our country.

He said that he spoke with the Brazilian Chancellor, Celso Amorim, and highlighted the "cute response" given by the Brazilian diplomat chief to the secretary of state.

"I spoke with Celso Amorim, and it was very funny response he gave to the Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, who, just like Condoleeza Rice, but now in white, came to Brasilia to attack Venezuela," related President Chavez.

"There comes Mrs. Clinton and says, in front of Celso, -which is a great friend-, disrespecting Brazil, disrespecting South America, disrespecting, she comes to intrigue, to sow discord, saying that Venezuela continues eroding democracy and all that story, that Venezuela should look more to the south and take the example of Brazil or Chile (...). Then Celso, to the lady that is over there saying all that, is later asked a question and put his wedge and says he does not agree with everything that has said the Secretary of State, except that on which Venezuela is now facing south indeed, with a very fine mood, he said, because now we are the South indeed", said the President.

In this regard he considered that these statements correspond to "the international aggression, which is undoubtedly a concerted agression. It's a concert, an orchestra, and it is the Yankee empire who is behind, playing its cards in Spain, in Europe, not to say the world's major newspapers, television stations, television networks.

In another order of ideas, the Venezuelan president announced the arrival of the first humanitarian aid shipment and a group of 27 Venezuelans to cooperate with Chile, after the devastating earthquake suffered by that country.