13 mar. 2010

US Military Commander: Venezuelan Government has no Links to Terrorists

Published on March 12th 2010, by Edward Ellis - Venezuelanalysis.com
Mérida March 11, 2010 (venezuelanalysis.com) - General Douglas Fraser, Chief of the United States’ Southern Command, confirmed yesterday that the Venezuelan government has no relation to the Basque separatist movement ETA nor the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Speaking to the US Senate, Fraser admitted that although the Southern Command has "continued to watch very closely for any connections between illicit and terrorist organization activity within the region" there is no evidence to link the Venezuela government with the armed rebel groups.

"We have not seen any connection specifically that I can verify that there has been a direct [Venezuelan] government-to-terrorist connection” Fraser said.

Accusations of a link between the armed groups and the Venezuelan government were made last week by a Spanish judge who accused the Chávez government of harboring terrorists.

Venezuelan officials have rejected the claims, attributing them to an international effort to discredit the Chávez administration.

The Southern Command is the branch of the US military responsible for operations in Latin America.

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