30 ene. 2010

Rectors and Coup sectors aim at destabilizing the country

Violent Protests Against Media Social Responsibility Measures Shake Merida, Venezuela

Opositores reviven violencia en calles venezolanas

Rnv Web Press / Agencies (29-1-2010)
The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, warned this Thursday that there are university authorities that are lending themselves to generate violence in the country and create chaos in terms of destabilizing democracy and constitutional order of the nation.

"There are university authorities that are lending themselves for this (...) We can not allow this, and we will apply the law," he said during the First Socialist Productive Meeting of the Bicentennial Fund, under development from the Ayacucho Hall of Miraflores Palace, and broadcasted by national radio and TV.

"Chances are that if we apply the law they will say that such is the tyranny and repression from the Government. Is that a government like ours can not allow to be blackmailed by coup-plotting, violent sectors, and even less by this media campaign orchestrated by the media of oligarchy, "he assured.

In this regard, President Chavez Frías gave as an example the events that happened last Monday in Mérida (southwest), in which two young students were killed, a fact which he described as an act of terrorism, as reviewed a note by the Bolivarian News Agency.

They are wanting violence and death

President Chavez also referred to the tragic events that occurred yesterday in Merida, when a group of armed people identified with the counterrevolution, fired with guns against a military headquarters, leaving a toll of two seriously wounded soldiers. One of them was shot four times and the other one.

"What they are looking for is to overthrow the government but they will not achieve it, and as they know this, what they are looking after is violence and death", he said, and warned: "That's what they're doing at the baseball stadium: they are looking for violence, they know that if they create chaos inside the stadium, will generate a disgrace and one that can cause many deaths. That's what they want. "

Therefore, indicated that in these acts of violence and incitement to hatred and chaos, "all serious and decent country must condemn and repudiate these acts."

He argued that all these activities reflect the profile of those who seek to rule the country again. "Get your conclusions, and see what Venezuela would become if these people take power again. They killed, slaughtered and disappeared hundreds of people, that's what would happen in the country if these sectors come back to power."

Counterrevolution uses uninformed youth to create violence

In the broadcast, President Chavez expressed that the Venezuelan counterrevolution, clearly identified, used student spokesmen to call on young people uninformed of the reality of the country, in order to provoke violent demonstrations and thus get the deaths that allow them to argue that the national government is repressive and dictatorial.

He said the several violent incidents caused by sectors of the counterrevolution in several states of the country, are aimed at destabilizing and creating a widespread chaos in society, which has as its ultimate goal to burn the streets to overthrow the government.

He explained that those young people who go out to march, have no knowledge of the laws and of what actually happens in the country, warning that they are used as cannon fodder by the sectors that stand behind them, always looking to generate further violence and that also pretend to republish the coup d'etat of April 2002.

"They want to create a civil war to justify the intervention of the Yankee empire, which they say is their benefactor (...) to implement in Venezuela again its rental capitalism," he said, and on this scope he urged the state's agencies, as to all the people committed to democracy and stability in the nation, "to neutralize the currents of madness of the opposition that seeks to set the country on fire".

Likewise, he denounced there are several governors and mayors linked to counterrevolutionary sectors, to whom he called to remember the commitment they have as public servants to respect the laws and Constitution of the Republic.