15 ene. 2010

Venezuela announces sending of humanitarian aid to Haiti

Rnv Web Press / TeleSur.
The Venezuelan Chancellor, Nicolas Maduro, announced this Tuesday, on behalf of the Government of President Hugo Chávez, his deep regret over the earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale that hit in the afternoon hours to Haiti.

In this regard, he announced the sending of a team of 50 experts on disaster matters to the Caribbean island in the early hours of Wednesday January 13.

"President Chavez has ordered to activate the human task force (...) and as soon as it dawns will be departing on behalf of all our people a team of 50 men and women experts in rescuing, trained in the worst and harshest conditions," expressed Maduro.

“He told us to express (...) our sorrow and all our solidarity to the people of Haiti and to all the families of the victims," he concluded.