15 abr. 2009

the Day of the Rescue of the National Dignity

"The rude oligarchy will not use the soldiers against the people in the homeland of Simón Bolívar", thus was affirmed this Monday, April 13, at the Day of the Rescue of the National Dignity, by Commander Hugo Chávez, in his arrival at the Balcony of the People, a place where are located thousands of Venezuelans to celebrate along with him, the revival that had the Bolivarian Revolution seven years ago.

"All the victories we will have, will be devoted to our children, our grandchildren, for theirs is the safe homeland," said the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, remembering that victory.

On national radio and television joint broadcast, President Chavez reiterated that Venezuela is heading to be a great world power.

"Now that we are free, Now when we have freed ourselves from the claws of imperialism, when we have freed ourselves of the gross oligarchy, is that we can say that our country will become a power in the continent," he said.

It also stressed that until now, Venezuela has not been touched by the global crisis nor for a "little hair", thanks, among other things, to the Bolivarian Revolution.

However, President Chavez said that the great crisis of global capitalism continues expanding. "Nobody knows or can predict how long this great crisis will last."

Chavez: In here happened a miracle!

President Chavez made this list of events on the world situation and stated that fortunately the revolution arrived in time. He said the Venezuelan people must realize the profound meaning it has today's date, of what happened in the country seven years ago, on April 13.

"April 13, as a historical fact, will acquire a greater dimension (...) its historical significance will grow as the years pass. What happened here is unparalleled in the history of the people of this continent and the whole world . In here happened a miracle!, "he sentenced.
Bron: RNV