15 abr. 2010

Guerrilla Communication to fight manipulation of capitalist media outlets by means of ideas

Caracas, Apr 14 ABN.- The Guerrilla Communication sworn-in last Monday in Venezuela will aim at fighting by means of ideas the campaign of consumerist ideologization maintained by capitalist media outlets.

The statement was said by Venezuela's Minister of Education, Hector Navarro, during the opening of the 3rd Workshop on Education for ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America), in Caracas.

Navarro expressed that the young people who make up the guerrilla communication will be able to counterbalance, by means of newspapers, murals, programs broadcast in community radio and TV, the “powerful media forces opposed to the interests of our country.”

Similarly, he explained that talking about guerrilla media information means talking about the action carried out by young people through the different educational fields, in order to boost the defense of environment, defense from communication attacks, and face the capitalist ideology spread by private national and international media outlets, which is destroying the planet.