5 feb. 2010

Starts Bicentennial Cycle of 20 years with victories of the Revolution

Rnv Web Press / Presidential Press.
5 Febrero 2010
Inicia Ciclo Bicentenario de 20 años con victorias de la Revolución

Caracas, Distrito Capital .- The President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez, called on the Venezuelan people to prepare to start a period of twenty years that is part of the bicentenary cycle, that will be of struggle and victory of the Bolivarian Revolution.

We need to "put on the top the tremendous event that we are beginning to celebrate, we are warming the individual and collective spirit to start the Bicentennial cycle, epicenter of the independence that is still ongoing," said President Chavez in the commemoration of February 4, 1992, held in the Courtyard of the Military Academies at Fort Tiuna.

Next April 19 "We will enter the Bicentennial Cycle, this cycle will be of twenty years, let's get ready then for the next 20 years -2010 to 2030 - there will be memorable journeys, will be the next years of struggle and battle. We are bound, Two hundred years later, to go out to defeat the nefarious legacy that has given almost always the victory to the traitors, the bourgeoisie and the empires. Enough of so much defeat, there are no more spaces for traitors! ".

This cycle begins with the commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of the overthrow of the empire and the installation of the First Patriot Government. It comes by 2021, when we will celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo. In 2024 will be the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Ayacucho. In 2025, two hundred years since the founding of Bolivia. In 2028, two hundred years of the return of Bolivar to Caracas.

A big test

"It will be a great test, because we come carrying an original sin: in 1828, Bolivar returned to Caracas, the oligarchy was awaiting him and proposed him to be crowned as king. Bolívar said: "Liberator... or Dead", Bolivar did not lend himself to the betrayal, and they expelled him. Now, let us ask now, where was the people, where was the army? "They left him alone!, our father was expelled and nobody came out here to try to prevent it, the people and the army were dying, and Bolivar left out being hated, reviled and vilified. "

The national ruler reflected by explaining that "the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio José de Sucre, was also denied the entry to Venezuela, he was expelled, and the oligarchs celebrated the bullet that killed him in Berruecos. So I invite you to celebrate in 2030 the two hundredth anniversary of the resurrection of Bolivar and the final triumph of the Bolivarian Revolution. "

"The eternal homeland will be celebrated, that homeland is called a Socialist Homeland, today already our Homeland, either it is socialist, or it is not a Homeland, so we say Socialist Homeland, or death!", stressed President Hugo Chávez.

In his words he criticized the dark intentions of the stateless oligarchy "that keeps dripping hatred, but we are invulnerable to hatred. The Venezuelan homeland is the homeland of the people, A big Homeland, and a Good Homeland."

On February 4th he said that day "not only did happened a military and popular insurrection, that day was made impossible in Venezuela a right wing military coup. When doing the analysis of the history, that detail should be noted."