24 feb. 2010

Approved New Regional Integration Bloc

Yoama Chappottin Ford, 23-02-2010
23 de febrero de 2010, 16:20Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Feb 23 (Prensa Latina) Presidents attending the Summit of Unity in this city approved on Tuesday the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, conceived as another important step in integration.

The new mechanism would involve all countries in the hemisphere, without US or Canada and plans to absorb the Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean and the Rio Group, while it will co-exist with other sub-regional organizations.

The presidents and senior representatives from 32 countries attended the Cancun meeting agreed to launch the new bloc, whose formal operation will happen when all the statues have been agreed.

According to President Felipe Calderón, host of the meeting, the purpose of the consultation mechanism will be to project the region in a global level based on respect to international law, equality of states, respect for human rights and cooperation.

For his part, Cuban President Raúl Castro, described the creation of the new mechanism of historical significance.

Cuba considers the conditions exist for rapid progress towards the establishment of a regional organization purely Latin American and Caribbean which integrates and represents the 33 independent nations of the region, said the head of state.

In addition to regional integration, the appointment of the Riviera Maya discussed a broad agenda and adopted statements on Haitiâ�Ös reconstruction, Argentina's sovereignty over the Malvinas and climate change.

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