30 may. 2009

We must react toe end impunity of the media

"The usurpation of duties by the media, that operate as political parties and deny it, that operate as pressure groups and deny it, whose informations and editorial lines do not come from those working in them, ie journalists, but from their owners, an individual, a family or an economic group, can not be accepted, " expressed this Sunday in his program "José Vicente Hoy" broadcast by Televen.

Rangel said it is unacceptable the phenomenon of imposture, the way how the media are subjugating society; they blackmail and impose rules, they set guidelines, to usurp the legitimate authority, to administer justice, right and left; qualify or disqualify at whim; they mount hate campaigns, get dedicated with impunity to destroy people and reputations, as reviews the Bolivarian News Agency.

"The red warning light was lit long ago, society and the state must react before it is too late, it is not possible the level of impunity that exists in this subject," he said.

He stressed that when the opposition's spokesmen speak of fear in the country, they must specify that the real fear is the one that currently spread these media, which are tied to sordid domestic and international interests.

"For example, the opposition fears them, because, if they do not to bend to their policies, they are excluded from the small screen or from the pages of print media. In other areas such as entrepreneurship are simply beset with evil attacks based on lies, much of the civil service is placed against the wall with open threats, "he said.

Similarly, he recalled that these are the very owners of those media which organized and promoted the coup of April 11, the oil strike, the guarimbas, terrorist activities and any attempt to destroy the democratic system and install a dictatorship in the country.

"These media do not defend the country, on the contrary they disqualify it, instead of guiding, they disorient, instead of claiming the rule of law, they undermine it, they have replaced the political parties and exercise its functions without answering to anyone, to a command or the voters, "he added.

The experienced journalist raised the need for an urgent response of a social, political and institutional character to the problem, within the framework of democratic legality.

"The Venezuelans are in a serious risk for falsehood and distortion of reality to be installed in our everyday lives and take over the country, since they are engaged in an extreme polarization, fueling hatred and push us towards a confrontation where will be shed the blood of the Venezuelans, and not theirs, "he concluded.