30 may. 2009

"Alo presidente" 10 years on air

The president of the Republic, Hugo Chávez Frías, in his program "Aló, Presidente" No 331, in its 10 years on air, has spent 1.536 net hours, the equivalent to 64 full days in a program to inform and educate the nation.

Thus is said by commander Fidel Castro, in his reflections on Thursday, headlined "10 years teaching and learning", a writing that was read by Chávez Frías, at the special broadcast of the program "Aló, Presidente", number 331, from Zulia state.

Castro stresses the effectiveness of the use of media that has made Chavez Frias, in the revolutionary struggle, as reviews the Bolivarian News Agency (ABN).

"Without this program, the empire and the private media would have destroyed the revolution in Venezuela," says Fidel Castro.

In that exchange that is given in the program, Fidel Castro highlights how President Chavez teaches, learns and is educated through the people and by the people, transmitting knowledge, recommending books, recalling stories of the country and the dreams of Simón Bolívar, reflects Fidel Castro.

The Cuban commander revealed in his letter that he uses a share of their his time to watch the "Alo, Presidente" program, to which the Venezuelan Head of State emphasized that this program has become a necessary task for all those who make it with joy, with dedication.

Fidel Castro says: "The humble and combative people supports Chávez and is increasingly growing number of workers and young people entering the revolutionary ranks."