30 may. 2009

Presence of right-wing leaders in Venezuela

Young people from the Francisco de Miranda Front and other organizations, protested this Wednesday in the Francia Square of Altamira, for the presence of representatives of the international right wing convened by the Center for Dissemination of Economic Knowledge (CEDIC), an NGO that supported the coup d' etat carried out in 2002.

Maria Isabela Godoy, a member of the Francisco de Miranda front, said that this activity was a call from imperialism, "In here there is no national oligarchy to convene such internationals, right wing leaders, fascist and conservative."

"That was a direct guideline from the Pentagon and the main leaders of the neoliberal policies on the continent, Do meet in Venezuela to discuss things that, in practice, have proven to generate hunger, misery, and domination," said Godoy.

Likewise, she indicated that these instruments serve as instruments to assemble a media parapet against the Revolution.

For her part, María Rosa Jiménez assured that the Venezuelan young people keep discussing the successes of the model presented by President Hugo Chávez, contrasted with the failures of global capitalism.

"We're working, building and defending the identity of our people. We will not allow the ultra right wing to take over the spaces that we have conquered," she said.

Jimenez detailed that these people "discuss in private spaces about democracy and the freedom of a people."

During this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, youth organizations will keep street activities to discuss and present the true democracy that is been developed in the country and to protest against the presence of these international representatives of a model that failed.