21 nov. 2009

The United States seeks to surround Chavez as it surrounded Allende

Caracas, Nov 20 ABN.- The United States, just as it did in Chile during the coup d'etat it leaded against Salvador Allende, which ended in the assassination of the Chilean president, tries now to apply the same recipe against the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias; for that it tries to besiege militarily the country.

This way Gonzalo Mesa Allende, grandson of the former Chilean president, referred to the establishment of seven military bases from the United States in Colombian territory, during his speech at the International Encounter of Left-wing Parties, in which take part 150 delegates coming from about 40 countries of around the world.

Though Mesa Allende warned that the correlation of forces in the world has changed, since the United States has no more the mask of world power, he affirmed that the threat persists because a North American attack against Venezuela would be carried out at second hand.

“Hardly ever the United States has acted militarily in the region, except in small countries such as Grenada, Panama and the Dominican Republic. With a country like Venezuela, in this new world context, they would not dare to act directly,” he said.

The United States seems to fear the process of democratic changes leaded by President Chavez since 10 years ago in Venezuela, as it feared the socialist Chile of Salvador Allende in 1973.

“Venezuela has proved, as it occurred in my country, that socialism can be built in democracy, in peace and in compliance with the reality of each nation without the need of copying the soviet model as if we were setting a computer program,” Mesa Allende expressed.

Moreover, he highlighted the participation of the citizenship on the decision making in great issues that impact the people and therefore he praised the leadership of the Venezuelan citizen in Venezuela since the Bolivarian Revolution arrived in 1999.

“In Venezuela, citizens are consulted not only to choose public officials in time of election, but they are also leaders in affairs of huge relevance, such as the possibility of amending or reforming the Constitution of the Republic or revoking a term to a governor,” he said.

Mesa Allende gave recognition to the level reached by Socialism in Venezuela and the credibility in the democratic institutions of the country.

Therefore, he referred to the Venezuelan electoral system, which announced the victory of the amendment to the national Constitution but which had previously determined the defeat of the constitutional reform that had been presented by the Venezuelan Executive.