21 nov. 2009

Socialism and capitalism confront in Latin America

Caracas, Nov 19 ABN.- Latin America is currently within a crusade starred by two contrary ideologies: capitalism, which seek to accelerate the processes of hyperconcentration of wealth; and socialism, which involves the unification of Latin America as part of the cooperation and respect to sovereignty.

The above statement was issued by the vice president for the Andean region of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Ali Rodriguez Araque, during his speech at the opening of the International Encounter of Left-wing Parties.

“Two stances confront nowadays: that which shaped under the guidance of the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas, devised by the United States); and the nascent ALBA (Alliance for the People of our America),” he stated.

Therefore, Rodriguez Araque recalled that one of the consequences generated by the capitalist policies has been the collapse of the economic system in different countries, while the approaches coming from the ALBA have boosted the regional integration and solidarity among the nations.

“The FTAA has intended to become our complete America into a broad market, where there would theoretically compete freely the economic forces in equal terms, but which would have simply worked to accelerate the processes of monopolization and hyperconcentration of wealth that the world underwent and which, somehow, it continues living under the overpowering thesis of neoliberalism, today in complete bankruptcy,” he said.

Rodriguez Araque called to strengthen the left in Latin America so as to boost the sovereignty of the people and guarantee independence and social welfare in the continent.

According to the PSUV leader, the encounter of left-wing parties was organized precisely with the purpose of devising strategies that would allow us consolidate the integration and to boost a solid political movement, “to guarantee the peace that people claim.”

“That is indeed the goal that has met us here today. We are sure that at the end it will take us to the goal, which is coordinating our efforts so as to confront the risk of aggression against our countries,” he stressed.