14 oct. 2011

Venezuela successfully concluded Periodic Review of Human Rights

13 Octubre 2011,
Geneva .- Temir Porras, Vice Foreign Minister of Venezuela, said in Geneva, Switzerland, that millions of Venezuelans in conjunction with the national government make human rights a tangible and concrete freedom, by announcing that Venezuela successfully concluded the Periodic Review of Human Rights in the United Nations.

Venezuela is proud to note that 80 percent of the recommendations and suggestions of the countries attending the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights, which takes place in the Organization of the United Nations, were already in course of implementation, which confirms that the state is moving in the right direction and by choice, as said Porras in his speech.

He stressed that the old empires bombard countries, apply embargoes and sanctions to peoples struggling for their independence, financing terrorism and political instability to impose their domination and exploit the riches of the world.

It is clear that those who attack Venezuela is because they fear it, for defending the truth and is not shutting up, nor will shut ever, whenever is tried to report the abuse, imperialism and war, and defend the just causes in the world, friendship among peoples and peace, as reiterated the Venezuelan Vice Foreign Minister.

He mentioned that the assistance of authorities of the government of the country to the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights situation in Venezuela "has been a starting point that has given us the opportunity to review, deepen and improve public policies regarding promotion and protection of human rights from a broad and open perspective. "