2 oct. 2011

Fidel Castro praised Chavez and Morales position before Obama speech

27 Septiembre 2011, 02:57 PM

Havana.- The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on Monday praised the courage and clarity in the ideas of President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales, to the speech by U.S. Chief of State, Barack Obama, in the General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations last week.

In his latest reflection titled "Chávez, Evo and Obama", and his first in just over two months, Fidel Castro noted that both South American dignitaries poured their concepts at the meeting, one through a message, and the other in clear voice.

The very voices that emanate from the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean do not already contain the servile and sultry tone of the OAS, which characterized the statements of the Heads of States in decades, said the Cuban leader.

In this sense, the Commander said that President Chavez could not personally attend the United Nations, after 12 years of fighting without resting a single day that threatened his life and affected his health and now is selflessly fighting for his full recovery, but it was difficult for his brave message not to address the most delicate issue of the historic meeting.

In his article, Fidel Castro published in full the letter from the Venezuelan leader to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, on the right of Palestine to become a free, sovereign and independent state.

Returning to Venezuela, assured Fidel Castro, the Bolivarian leader referred with indignation to Obama's speech given in New York by the cynicism with which called for peace in the world as he never felt Obama able to act as his predecessor did, and also kept a respectful remembrance of the words exchanged with him in the meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

In another moment of reflection, the Cuban leader gave a detailed analysis of Obama's speech at the UN where he spoke insolently to different topics of the world today.

Fidel Castro questioned several points in the speech of Obama, who misrepresented the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington's policy in Israel and Palestine and the uprisings this year in several countries of North Africa and Middle East.

"Who understands this gibberish of the President of the United States to the General Assembly?", he wondered.

Also, the Commander said that the General Assembly raises political difficulties for several countries trying to decide who should take positions on many issues, including NATO's genocide in Libya.

"Want someone to leave testimony that under Obama's direction the government of his country supported the monstrous crime carried out in this North African nation by the United States and its NATO allies?" He said.

Despite the shameless monopoly of mass media and the fascist methods the United States and its allies to confuse and deceive the world's opinion, the resistance of the people grows, and that can be seen in the debates that are taking place at UN, said the Cuban leader.