7 oct. 2011

Maduro: Venezuela was widely recognized on UPR session

Caracas, 07 Oct. AVN .- At the end of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said that “Venezuela came off very well and with the majority recognition” of nations, which praised the significant progresses in the matter.

“We have to continue committed in the building of that good and human homeland,” said the Venezuelan Minister, who said that on October 07, 2012, when the Venezuelan people go to the polls, “we will have a great victory which will be the ratification of the revolutionary project.”

“Within a year, our people will be waging a battle to keep in the path of human development, the path of homeland. A day like today, we will ratify President (Hugo) Chavez” in office.

Maduro also thanked the solidarity of the countries which praised the public policies implemented by Venezuela to protect the basic rights of the population, extending them and ensuring the access to health, education, culture and food.

Next Tuesday Oct. 11th, a final report will be presented in which Venezuela would include suggestions and advises raised by the member states of the UN Human Rights Council.

“There are very good suggestions set out over strengthening social rights, political rights in Venezuela,” said the Minister, who headed the delegation made by representatives of different state-run institutions.

Also, he said Venezuela"s performance at the UN seat in Geneva was a positive experience to explain the progress of the Venezuelan State towards the democratic and participatory society, which leaves behind “the old colonial model which exploited and looted our country and the national majorities.”

Minister Maduro also stressed that the efforts made by President Hugo Chavez have aimed at “taking off that rottenness of the oligarchic bourgeois State and creating material, institutional, legal and spiritual conditions to make human rights prevail.”