3 may. 2011

Opposing party voted against wage increase

Government destines $3.57 billion to favor Venezuelan workers

Caracas, 29 Abr. AVN .- Deputies of the opposing coalition in the National Assembly voted on Thursday night against the three decrees of wage increase approved by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this week.

The parliament debated and voted an accord to ratify the measure announced by the President, including a minimum wage increase of 26.5%.

The issue gave rise to a broad debate between the two political forces confronted in the Venezuelan parliament, in favor of capitalism and in favor of socialism. Here, comparisons came out between the measures taken by the current Administration in labor matters and those which mark the background of the 40 years preceding it (1958-1998).

The increase on the number of pensioners from 400,000 in 1998 up to 2 million nowadays was particularly brought up, as well as the standardization of this benefit with the current minimum wage. Besides, it was eliminated the backdated increase of social benefits in 1997.

Second vice president of the parliament, Deputy Aristobulo Isturiz, said the stance assumed by the opposing party owes to the interests they represent.

“This is the evidence of what I have been saying. Here are defended two models of country. Here you can see who defends whom,” Isturiz said.

Furthermore, the Deputy informed that in the actions scheduled for next May 1st, Workers Day, will be more announces on behalf of President Chavez.

“There is more, it was not everything. The thing is that I cannot give the first report before the President. Just wait until May 1st.”