26 may. 2011

Imperialism will fail because PDVSA is sovereign

Sanctions against PDVSA are outside of international law

Venezuela rejects U.S. sanctions against PDVSA

United States measures: right-wing shortcuts to impose its hegemony

Caracas, 25 May. AVN .- The Energy and Oil minister Rafael Ramirez emphasized that the imperialism will fail in its attempt to impose conditions to the country and to the state-run oil company PDVSA, after the sanctions announced on Tuesday due to Venezuela"s ties with Iran.

“The imperialism will not decide who our friends are. That is a decision of the Government of Venezuela,” stressed Ramirez before thousand of PDVSA workers gathered in the refinery complex Jose, Anzoategui state (Venezuela"s northeast), in support to their company and country"s sovereignty.
Ramirez ratified that Venezuela will continue promoting the union among oil countries and with every sister nation in the world.
“Imperialists can go to the Hell, we do not care about your sanctions. Nobody will come here an impose us how to act. We are the sons of the Liberator Simon Bolivar; our country is the heir of the glory of our liberators of America. You are wrong again, imperialist lords, the Government of the United States is once again wrong about our Government.”
With respect to the reaction of some opposition sectors in the country, he said that “they are betraying their country and allying with a foreign power.”
“Our people must know that they rely on oil workers as a single fist to defend the Revolution,” he pointed out.