19 may. 2011

In recent years has been reduced extreme poverty in Venezuela

Rnv Web Press
19 Abril 2011, 02:02 PM
Over the past years has managed to reduce extreme poverty, as said the Ombudswoman, Gabriela Ramirez, who said that the reduction of poverty and inequality in the population, are an example of the overview and defense of Human Rights that has the national government.

"The worst violation of human rights, which is precisely poverty, has been shattered in the last 10 years, in over a 50 percent in extreme poverty and poverty in general (...) This is a preview of a democracy with all the letters, not a democracy on papers or speeches. In this context we can have many more achievements in the field of Human Rights, "said Ramirez.

Moreover, the Ombudswoman, during the unveiling ceremony of a plaza in honor of a 14 year old who died in 1961 at the hands of the repressive bodies of the government of the day, repudiated the fact that sectors of the national right wing, authors of brutal repressions against the people during the Fourth Republic, today pretend to accuse the National Government of violating human rights.

In this regard, she called the community to raise historical memory to recall what was the situation in the Fourth Republic and all the achievements in recent years, based on respect for human rights.