15 jun. 2013

Venezuela Seeks To Neutralize Conspiracy From Colombia

A meeting is to be arranged between Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and Colombian homologue Juan Manuel Santos; the reunion is a scenario that will be used by President Maduro to provide Santos with documented proof of a conspiracy weaving around Venezuela from Colombia.
From Spain, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua offered details on a possible meeting between the two presidents. “We’ve talked about this meeting several times over with Colombians”, Jaua said. The minister also said that both presidents are looking forward the meeting.
The main goal of the meeting would be clarify the differences between the two governments especially those that came up after Venezuela denounced a conspiracy against the Venezuelan Government weaved from Colombia which includes economic boycott and paramilitary actions.
The plans would include former opposition candidate Henrique Capriles who a couple of weeks ago was received by Santos in Colombia’s Presidential residence.
However, Caracas fears goes beyond the paramilitary threat. A few days ago experienced journalist and political strategist Jose Vicente Rangel denounced the purchase of 18 war planes from the US by opposition forces, that would be taken to a Colombian airbase and which would eventually be used for a potential strike against Venezuela.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister also clarified that the conspiracy comes from Bogotá, not from the Colombian people.
According to Jaua, Bogotá is the hometown of “a very obscure figure, called JJ Rendón who is an allied of those Venezuelans who fled the country after we defeated the coup they promoted.”
Jaua added that these far-right groups “have gathered in Bogotá and have created a permanent platform of rumors affecting Venezuelan economy and moral.” The groups also promote violence as the one unleashed on April 15 and 16 when losing candidate, Capriles, called supporters to go to the streets and unleash their “frustration”, resulting in eleven people killed.

Escrito el 14 junio, 2013