15 jun. 2013

Maduro announces Grand Housing Mission Health for medical professionals

Caracas, 14 Jun. AVN.- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that his government will create the Grand Housing Mission Health to include physicians and other health professionals in home allocation plans.
The announcement was made Friday in the graduation ceremony of 828 new community comprehensive physicians, which took place at the Teresa Carreño theater in Caracas.
"We will make a special plan and we will do it well to ensure compliance. This is a motivation. As we created the Grand Housing Mission for workers, we will create the Grand Housing Mission Health for physicians, medical and health professionals of the country," he said in a national radio and television hookup.
He indicated that this new social program will be planned in detail so that health professionals are guaranteed safety and a decent home. "We must plan it right," said the Head of State.
 AVN 14/06/2013 16:22